Stop Your Neck/Back Pain In It’s Tracks!

Hi, I'm Dr. Travis Fahey

Get your youthful vitality back. You no longer have to miss out on precious moments with your loved ones. Avoid surgery and start living your life to the fullest. This health screening includes your first treatment which guarantees you results or your money back guaranteed.

Full-spine x-rays allow us to find the hidden cause of your problem. The body adjustment addresses your specific problem areas while the Y-strap adjustment addresses global compensation patterns in your spine.

With this 3-step approach you’ll be able to…

  • Get your energy back
  • Get a great night’s sleep
  • Get back to the hobbies you love
  • Avoid surgery
  • Live your life to the fullest

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This is only for you if you are serious about ending your neck/back pain, want to enjoy precious moments with your loved ones, regain your youthful vitality and get back to the activities you love. Click “Sign me up”.

We understand, you may be skeptical or may have tried other treatments in the past that did not work. If you do not experience results from your first treatment then we will refund you 100% on the spot.


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Amar M.

Dr. Fahey – Started with X-Rays 7 months ago and periodically checked my progress. As of today my spine is completely neutral from being -15 degrees. His staff is super friendly.

Kristen B.

Dr. Fahey’s skill is unmatched! He is diligent and determined with a caring approach. I felt drastic improvements in my shoulder, neck, back and overall wellbeing after my first few sessions. My results have only substantially improved as I’ve continued with my treatment plan. Dr. Fahey is incredibly intuitive and intelligent, allowing him to provide life-changing results. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Amanda S.

My friend recommended Dr. Fahey to me at the beginning of the year. My arm was going numb throughout the day and I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid that I would need surgery. Two months after starting my adjustments, I realized that an entire day went by without my arm going numb. Dr. Fahey was very thorough with showing me my first xrays and what was happening with my neck and spine. He showed me progress xrays and was honest about what he saw. He is an amazing chiropractor!!


**Due to Federal Guidelines – Medicare & Medicaid recipients are not eligible for free or discounted offers**